Hallway Systems, Storage doors

Typical storage solutions available in South Africa today

  • Fully bricked traditional storage unit that is fitted with our high-quality roll up door which are manufactured from our Colour-plus materials. This Roll up door is available in various colours such as brown, green, red, azure blue, charcoal, white, aluzinc, beige and gemsbok sand.
  • We have perfected the locking system on the storage door by using our unique Stainless-Steel S–Locks.
  • Not only does the multi-level storage solution offer you more rental space per square meter under one roof, but it is also very cost effective!
  • The fact that there is less brickwork used, automatically reduces the building cost and are replaced by the Hallway & Partitioning System.
  • With all of this in mind we will complete this with the beautiful soffit ceiling panels that will brighten up the hallway which will create a stylish and professional environment.
  • Storage lockers are uniquely designed for that wasted space in your multi level storage facility.
  • This stackable, strong and secure storage unit comes in a variety of different sizes to suit all your requirements.
  • For that small spaces, we introduce our specially designed swing doors for easy access.
  • The portable storage unit are for the sole purpose of space saving instead of constructing a traditional brick building which saves time and money.
  • What makes our portable storage units unique is the fact that it is available in either a single unit or multiple units.
  • Our portable storage unit are manufactured from the following materials:
  • Base – Galvanized steel / Aluzinc with a material thickness ranging from 0,75 – 1,6 mm
    • Corner Pier’s / Header Panels – Chromadek material with a thickness of 0,8 mm
    • Wall Side Panels – Chromadek material with a thickness of 0,5 mm
    • Partitioning Broad-line Panels – Aluzinc material with a thickness of 0,45 mm
    • Roofing Panels – Aluzinc material with a thickness of 0,45 mm
    • To make this portable unit even more impressive we have specially isolated the unit and added a gutter system.
  • With this durable Gliderol Storage Door and Stainless Steel S-Lock, you can be rest assured that your valuable possessions are safe and secure.
  • The De Lux and Econo Lux roll up door is of the best quality on the market! Our doors are manufactured from high quality Colour-Plus material with a thickness of 0,45 mm – 0,5 mm that makes the door operate perfectly every time.
  • Our market leading patented Stainless Steel S- Lock specially designed in South Africa for storage units making it durable, secure and maintenance free.
  • A highly trained crating & transporting department will make sure that all your Gliderol storage equipment are being packed and transported safely for delivery.

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